The Centre for Learning, Research & Innovation (CLRI) is a joint venture between The Geelong College, Deakin University and The Geelong College Foundation. It serves students, parents, teachers and the broader community. CLRI is supported by an Advisory Committee that guides the planning of programs and identifies opportunities for research and development.

The Centre is not run from a single building – it operates at the point of need. It is a hub of ideas that might be housed in the Creative Arts department, the school up the road, or a local business – it’s a core group of thinking, investigating people. We engage in research projects and create professional development opportunities, by recognising learning as an active, dynamic behaviour that emerges from interactions between the human brain and the social world. We are committed to understanding the science of learning and the art of teaching.

Our Team

Adrian Camm
Director of Teaching and Learning

Adrian is Director of the Centre and leads the teaching and learning of students and staff at Geelong College.  

He passionately explores innovation and has worked with schools and organizations around the world. By nurturing these cross-sector networks, empowering others, and keeping an eye on emerging trends, he combines research with action to ensure the best possible outcomes for young people in schools today.

Nicole Roache
Marketing Manager

Nicole manages the Centre's marketing and promotional presence, in the media and online.   A marketing specialist and copy writer, she learns every day and knows what is happening in the Geelong market.

Sam McIntosh
Media & Design

Sam is the Centre's designer and media producer. A teacher and graphic artist, Sam understands learning, is a genius behind a camera and creates digital experiences with creative flair and insight. 

Kris Ratcliffe
Administrative Assistant

Kris is the Centre's Administrative Assistant and brings a wealth of events knowledge and efficiency to the Centre. Kris works Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. She will be your first point of contact and will inform you about what we can offer students, teachers and the wider community.



Adrian Camm
Director, Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation
The Geelong College

Professor Jill Blackmore (AM)
Alfred Deakin Professor
Deakin University

Associate Professor Louise Paatch
Associate Head of School (Research), School of Education, Faculty of Arts and Education
Deakin University

Katrina Reynen
Skyline Education Foundation Australia

Andrew Balaam
St Laurence Housing Ltd

Dr Peter Miller
The Geelong College