Steroids, Supplements & Body Image
4pm - 5pm | 30 Oct 2018

The supplement industry has boomed over the last 10 years and is largely unregulated. Adolescents are surrounded by messages telling them that they should be more muscular, stronger, faster, thinner, and better. Given the ease of access to these products in store and online, young people can and do purchase all sorts of supplements that have unknown effects on a developing adolescent body.

In this talk, Dr Zali Yager will present the evidence around the diet and muscle building supplement use, the behavioural drivers that make adolescents want to take them, and strategies for teachers, parents, and coaches to support young people in reaching their goals without damaging their health.

This presentation is part of the Geelong College TripleR program and will be suitable for teachers, coaches, parents and Business Operations Staff.

About the Presenter:

Dr Zali Yager is a senior lecturer in Health and Physical Education in the College of Arts and Education at Victoria University. Her research focus area revolves around the promotion of wellbeing in school and community settings, with a particular focus on body image.

Zali specializes in the evaluation of school based programs to improve body image and mental health in young people in primary and secondary schools, and working with teachers to ensure that they are confident and capable in using these resources.

In her latest project, the 3D project, funded by the World Anti-Doping Agency, Zali is leading a team of researchers to develop resources that will enhance body image and reduce muscle-building supplement use for adolescent boys.