Public Speaking with Jon Yeo
9am - 4pm | 23 Oct 2018

In collaboration with Jon Yeo of Brightstar Consulting we are excited to offer a one day public speaking and presentation skills workshop on Tuesday 23rd October in the Mezzanine at The Geelong College Middle School campus.

This opportunity is available to teachers and BOPs who are interested in improving their public speaking and presentation skills.

In this workshop participants will;

  • Learn how to create a universal message or narrative that connects to your key audience/s
  • Have clarity on what makes a great message and how to craft one
  • Articulate your key message in a meaningful and engaging way
  • Consistently develop rapport on and off stage
  • Replicate this skill with any client facing staff

 At the end of the workshop participants will have:

  • A process to deliver a compelling message for your audience
  • A way to consistently deliver a key message to your clients/audience
  • Speaking confidence
  • A flexible preparation model to manage different audience types and talk lengths

 This workshop is for the Geelong College staff only.

Jon Yeo is the Intelligence behind the art and science of what it is to be a public speaker. He helps Executives and Leaders to articulate the sophistication of their content with a simplicity that guides and inspires their teams. Jon is the Curator of TEDxMelbourne and past Chapter President of Professional Speakers Australia.