Learning in a Maker-Centred Classroom
9:30am - 4:30pm | 19 Oct 2018

We all learn better when learning is a part of doing something we find really interesting. We learn best of all when we use what we learn to make something we really want.” Seymour Papert

In this full day workshop, participants will have the opportunity to be immersed in making and explore the learning power of Hummingbird micro controllers, Arduino and Makey Makey. You will learn about the software that powers these controllers and explore the impact they could have on your students.

Participants should be ready to take their ‘teacher’ hat off and replace it with that of a “learner.”

What will you take from this experience?

  • Understand learning from the perspective of a learner
  • Experience Hard Fun and that the struggle is rewarding
  • How to use a range of micro controllers and supporting software
  • Curriculum resources and links
  • Lesson ideas that can be used straight away in your classes
  • The power of collaborative learning and working in groups

 All equipment is provided and software will be available. No experience with any of the micro controllers is necessary.