Girls in STEM – Making It Happen
4pm - 6pm | 22 Feb 2017

Even though girls and boys sit side by side in classrooms all across the country, women are still much less likely to choose careers in STEM than men. The accepted response to these facts is that if we can inspire and encourage more girls to enter STEM fields, then the disparity will disappear.

This interactive workshop explores another avenue - the language we use to talk about STEM - and the impact it has on how people relate to the field.

Attendees will join the founders of Machinam and Power of Engineering to learn how to engage girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). This workshop will teach practical ways to discuss STEM with girls, and will work through two teaching resources that can be run with students to help engage and inspire girls about careers in STEM.


This event is most suitable for: high school career advisors, primary teachers, science, technology or mathematics teachers and parents.

About Felicity Furey

Engineer by profession, self-taught entrepreneur, TED talk enthusiast, working to change the world through engineering, mathematics, diversity and creativity.

Passionate about unleashing diversity and creativity in engineering, Felicity co-founded not-for-profit organisation Power of Engineering in 2012. Since then, the organisation has inspired over 4,200 female and regional high school students across Australia about creative and diverse engineering careers. 90% of participants of the program would consider a career in engineering. They found that when students were participating in workshops with real world examples and connection to students own life their perceptions were shifted about engineering.

Felicity wanted to scale this impact and founded Machinam along with Dr Jillian Kenny and Claire Bennett. Machinam aims to increase engagement and take the fear out of mathematics. Machinam works with innovative organisations like Qantas, Telstra, Boeing and Bianca Spender to capture the mathematics used in everyday life and careers, and bring this into the classroom. This work, along with her professional career saw Felicity named as the Financial Review BOSS magazine’s Young Executive of 2016 and as one of Australia’s ‘100 Women of influence’ in 2012.

Felicity’s nine year corporate career includes working as a Senior Project Manager at innovative engineering consultancy Arup, management consulting at fortune 500 company AECOM and delivering multi-million dollar transport infrastructure projects for local communities with Brisbane City Council. Felicity graduated from a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from QUT in 2007.