Five Secrets to Develop Confidence and Resilience
4pm - 5pm | 17 Jul 2018

This engaging presentation covers a range of issues including practical strategies to support children to build confidence, resilience and positive and effective thinking habits. This seminar supports parents to encourage independent children who can problem solve the day to day ups and downs of life to build their self-efficacy. Parents learn how to lessen anxiety in their children and also prevent anxious behaviours occurring in the future.  This seminar covers the fundamental life skills that children need for positive mental health.

About the Presenter: Georgina Manning is the Director of Wellbeing for Kids, a registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist and the owner of the Elk Wellbeing centre in Fitzroy North.

Georgina has many years of experience working in schools supporting children and parents to reach effective social and emotional outcomes.  Georgina runs regular parent seminars, school professional development days and is a national speaker for wellbeing events. Georgina has created the ‘Peaceful Kids’ Mindfulness and Positive Psychology program for schools and holds training across many states in Australia.

Suitable for: Primary Years Teachers and Parents.