Cultural Responsiveness
4pm - 5pm | 22 May 2018

It is important to understand the historical and cultural contexts of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. This enables a deeper understanding of how these contexts shape their lives and how we as educators can better support students in our schools.

This is the second workshop in a series for both teachers and BOPS staff at The Geelong College interested in and / or directly involved with supporting our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

The focus will be on understanding kinship, kinship relationships and obligations and implications for teaching. Once again we will use case studies to explore how a deeper cultural appreciation can inform our understanding of the beliefs, customs and attitudes that our students bring with them to the classroom.

Co-presented by Ms Jane Leyshon, our Indigenous Education Advisor and Mrs Edie Wright, Aboriginal educator and writer and grandparent of 4 children enrolled at the College.