Year 9 City Week
Nov 2019

For a week in August the Year 9 students were in Melbourne - exploring the city. Getting their way around the city by themselves and visiting some of Melbourne most well known locations. 

Here are some reflections of participating students

Ben Mithen

I completed PE in the City for city week. During city week I found I developed my confidence and knowledge of getting around Melbourne as much as learning about the PE aspect. Meeting Olympians and Sport Scientists was a surreal experience that I will probably never get to experience again. The opportunity to be able to navigate around the city alone helped everyone develop a skill that will be extremely useful later on in life.

Going to Victoria University was another highlight and being able to participate in an experiment inside the weather-controlled room was great. My favourite experience, however, was going onto the MCG and being able to walk around such a famous sporting arena. Overall, City Week was a really positive experience, with a mixture of fun and learning new skills, something I will take with me into later life.

Emmy Bowyer

City Week was definitely one of the best experiences of year 9. The weeks leading up to it were filled with excitement as we familiarised ourselves with our programs and dreamt of all the incredible things Melbourne had to offer. Day after day was filled with multiple conversations surrounding the impending week, organising plans to meet up with friends, discovering where everyone was staying, and debating which program would be the most enjoyable. I was lucky enough to be part of the science program for the week, a cause of much excitement due to it not only being my top pick courtesy of the awesome schedule, but my group being filled with friends.

The week finally arrived, and with it, the opportunity to learn more about Melbourne, science and ourselves. I can’t count the amount of times my friends and I got completely lost on the first day; I think many students’ main take away from the week was the ability to read a map and train timetable. Personally, my saviour for the week was the PTV app, which ensured I didn’t end up on the other side of the city… at least, not too many times. Melbourne seemed so exciting, new and impossibly big because, in contrast to innumerable former visits, for many of us this was the first time that we got to experience it with a seemingly too good to be true independence.

Our program consisted of a multitude of highlights such as, visiting the Royal College of Surgeons, Florey Neuroscience Institute, Metro Tunnel HQ, Swinburne University and many more. Suffice to say, we covered a huge range of scientific fields in five days. But no one can deny that the life skills we developed are the most valuable lessons we’ll take away from City Week. The ability to make new friends, navigate the city and acquaint ourselves with the best cafes, along with the undeniable wisdom required to plot a route to and from Bourke Street Mall whilst fitting in some brief shopping in our one-hour lunch breaks are not only valued experiences but, personally, memories I’ll cherish for years to come.