Writers Workshop - A Success

On Tuesday August 9th, Doug Wade, Will Johnston, Carol Morris and Georgia Torney from our Middle School facilitated an excellent workshop on the 'Writer's Workshop' approach to the teaching and learning of writing in the Middle years. The workshop focused on,

  • Creating a classroom environment that fosters collaboration and peer feedback.
  • Encouraging children to think and learn about the craft of writing through talk and by their participation in the writing experience.
  • Providing children with ‘just in time’ personalised feedback that enables them to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they are going with their writing.

This workshop was attended by over 60 teachers from the local community and many Deakin University Education students. Record numbers at our workshops are indicative of the excellent work happening at various levels around the College and through the Centre, and the passion and expertise of our teaching staff are all part of the positive teaching and learning messages that are reaching our community. 

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