Who we are
Oct 2017

This short film is the result of a collaboration between Sam McIntosh (Digital Media teacher) and year 12 Media student Ollie Manton from the Geelong College. Sam was originally briefed by the parents association at Geelong College to make a short film that celebrated ‘who we are’ as a school and community. The film premiered at the 2017 Geelong College Gala Ball.

The journey began on paper, concepts were drawn, presented and approved. Then the various film shoots were planned and shot. “We used a variety of cameras; a #BlackMagicURSA, #PanasonicGH5, #Canon5D & 7D, an OSMO and a drone”. The film was ‘co-shot’ and ‘co-edited’ across file hosting service Dropbox. Sam and Ollie would meet at various points to discuss the direction and styling of the film. Always sharing ideas and thoughts, the two passionate film-makers made light work of a large project. “Many of our catch ups were more about picking apart #ChristopherNolan films or how to do particular shots with specific cameras. The catch ups were always fun and collaborative."

Students and teachers working together is central to the Geelong College Vision for Learning.

Inspiring work by Sam and Ollie.