What your teenage daughter wants to tell you …
What is the best thing about being a teenage girl? What do they worry about the most? How can parents connect more effectively with their daughters? | May 2019

The CLRI was thrilled to host Dr Justin Coulson PhD as he delivered his latest research. As a parent of 6 daughters, he is passionate about his work as a psychology researcher. He is one of very few people in Australia with a PhD in Positive Psychology, with a particular interest the intersection of Positive Psychology and relationships. Justin is one of Australia’s most respected and popular corporate and education keynote speakers.

His current work has taken him to the topic of teenage girls – what they love, what they worry about, and how parents can connect with their daughters. He presented to us on what teenage girls wish they could tell their parents – the good and the bad. The session ended with a series of practical strategies to help parents in relating to teenage girls.

The evening was emotional; it was honest; it was confronting. It was clearly a topic that resonates with many in our community, as our event was completely sold out. We were pleased to be able to offer this learning forum, and hope that its content was helpful to the 150 attendees.

For those parents who are interested, the College has purchases a set of Dr Coulson’s books – one set for the Middle School Library and the other for the Senior School. Contact our friendly Library staff if you wish to borrow one of them.