Teacher Exchange reflections from Canada
Gerard is a Senior School teacher at The Geelong College on a teacher exchange in Rutland, Canada. | May 2019

The exchange time has flown by and I have been in Canada for over four months now.

I am teaching at Rutland Middle School (RMS) which goes from grade 6 to year 8. It has been a great experience so far. It has allowed me to look at a different countries school system. I have met a number of people and spoken to them about their philosophies on different aspects of teaching and learning. In particular, I have been exposed to a number of different assessments and looking at assessments based on competencies rather than just content. Also I have been looking at assessing for students with a vast variety of skills, abilities and backgrounds.

It has also been interesting being part of a school with a high percentage of indigenous students and the supports that are here to meet their needs. It has been challenging teaching students when they don't always have access to a laptop! I have taken for granted that students always had access to a laptop at College which is not the case here.

I have enjoyed teaching PE including learning and attempting to coach unfamiliar sports and games. At times, teaching can feel quite different to College as at RMS I am more concerned about engagement and participation, which generally occurs without much effort back home. The exchange has been an excellent opportunity to reflect on my teaching experiences and to think about ways I can improve in the future. I have also gained much from living in a different community.