Storytelling Magic

The Geelong College Junior school has been humming with the excitement of stories this week as the Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation were host to super story teller, educator, and frock-loving fun girl Tanya Batt.  

Each year level was able to attend a performance with Tanya, where she shared stories according to the type of stories the children wanted. "Do you want a scary one, a slow one, a fast one, a high one, a low one, one about a princess or one about a mouse? What kind of story would you like?” sang Tanya at the beginning of her session.

The year 3’s stories were a little bit scary, whereas Early Learning 3B were able to develop their own story about a spotted dinosaur called "Leaf" and his adventures while running away from a T-Rex who wanted to eat him. The children were immersed in the stories and theatrics of Tanya’s unique story telling style and character.  A great experience for the children and teachers alike.

On Tuesday afternoon, all teaching staff participated in a professional development session with Tanya on storytelling and story making with young children.  The session offered teachers practical advice on using oral narrative, the value of storytelling, ideas on how books are not the only way we can tell stories and how to be brave and give oral storytelling a go.

The teachers are looking forward to using the tools they learnt with the children in their classes very soon!