Scaling Creativity and Innovation

“If creativity and innovation are the rally cry of higher education and the CEO’s of the business world, then we have to determine what creativity and innovation is? We have to determine what it looks like? What it sounds like? And how we are going to begin to engage it in our schools. Especially if we are truly going to send out students ready to function proficiently and positively in this new change world.

There are no easy answers to these questions. There are no silver-bullets or one-size fits all formulas that you can implement that will ensure creativity and innovation will flourish in your classroom, your school or district. However, there are processes that you can incorporate that will exponentially improve your ability to scale creativity and 5 innovation. Processes that build up and upon each other, to improve the odds of engaging and scaling creativity and innovation at all levels.”

David Culberhouse explores these processes and more in his paper Scaling Creativity and Innovation.