Professional Capital
Jun 2017

Andy Hargreaves just gave an incredibly powerful talk at the El Rotterdam Conference Unite for Quality Education and Leadership in May of 2017. The title of the talk is "Professional capital, collective autonomy and the fight of our lives"

He passionately explores how teaching is one of the hardest and most technically challenging professions that requires technical knowledge, high levels of education and continuous improvement over time that is undertaken collaboratively. With the politicization of education and the constant threat to teachers professionalism reported daily through the media, Andy Hargreaves calls for the profession to focus on not just supporting one another but also on the professional capital of it's teachers.

This approach focuses on the three kinds of capital that comprise professional capital: human capital (the talent of individuals); social capital (the collaborative power of the group); and decisional capital (the wisdom and expertise to make sound judgments about learners that are cultivated over many years).

The passion and energy of this talk is palpable - particularly the first half. Well worth a watch.