Problem Solvers - White Paper

In The Problem Solvers: The teachers, the students and the radically disruptive nuns who are leading a global learning movement, Charles Leadbeater writes, 

"What is at stake in the debate over the future of learning is not whether school systems rise or fall in the PISA rankings. It is about how well education prepares young people to flourish in a society awash with intelligent technology, facing an uncertain future, with endless opportunities for collaboration but also deep-seated and urgent challenges that need addressing.

We need to learn to be more human as society becomes more technological, to become more creative as work becomes more programmed, to be more empathetic as systems become more pervasive, to take the initiative rather than meekly follow instructions, to work together rather than go it alone. We are not robots. We must excel at being human. We must facilitate the global learning movement towards more dynamic education systems. In this way we will allow more students to become problem solvers, and to develop the basic human capacities to care, empathise and to create. Those three abilities – to care about what happens in the world, to empathise with other people, and to create new artefacts and solutions – will be more important even than the new knowledge we muster."

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