Parents' perspective on play
Mar 2016

This qualitative research project sought to explore parents’ understanding of their young children’s learning through play through participation in ‘parent involvement practices’. One parent involvement program in a Victorian preschool was examined to determine whether participation helped parents to understand their child’s learning through play. In addition, the research aimed to determine which parent involvement practices were most useful in promoting this understanding.

The research was conducted by case study. Parents of preschool and prep grade children were surveyed by questionnaire and small group interview. The results found parents had a good understanding of play and used a variety of different practices to gain information about their child’s learning. Written documentation of both individual and group learning and face-to-face contact with teachers were found to be most useful in communicating learning to parents. Parents acknowledged changes in their understanding of learning through play after participating in these parent involvement practices.

Masters of Education Thesis by Ros Molyneux - Director of Early Learning at The Geelong College

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