Masters Study at Deakin University
Emma Watters is a Year 3 Teacher undertaking a Master of Education (Leadership and Managment). | May 2019

This semester I began my Master of Education (Leadership and Management) at Deakin University through their Online Campus. This degree aims to prepare aspiring leaders for taking on leadership positions within schools as well as providing learning opportunities for current leaders.


This semester I have learned a significant amount about leading through data and evidence, as well as the effective utilisation of leadership style and trait theory to effect organisational change. A significant learning for me has been around the choice of leadership style to suit purpose. Leadership, I’ve discovered, is multidimensional by trade and varied in its application. Leading in schools is particularly diverse due to the highly relational aspects of the work. The continuous evolution of leadership theories and practices highlights in some ways the undefinable quantity that is ‘effective’ practice for leaders. As researchers develop and refine what it means to be a ‘good’ leader, leaders themselves work alongside the theory to work and rework their beliefs and actions. It has been exciting to investigate theory through action research this semester and I look forward to learning about education governance and policy as well as leadership development and capacity building as the year progresses.


Emma Watters