Learning with an Artist
Constructing a place to connect

Local artist Viktor Cebergs was invited to co-ordinate an art collaboration throughout Arts Week. Viktor runs a local company called Site Specific Art, who offer a fully project managed approach to art in public spaces and have completed creative installations both nationally and internationally.

Exploring three-dimensional art-making for an installation in the grounds of the College Chapel,‘A Place to Connect’ is a creative public seating space with the following specifications:

  • The seating: Reclaimed Ironbark semi-circular bench 3m x 1.5m
  • The ground: Landscaped with aggregate and indigenous grasses
  • The backdrop: Reclaimed Norfolk Pine from the Preparatory School embedded upright and arranged in a relaxed configuration
  • The artifacts: Artworks generated by students and encapsulated in resin then embedded in to the backdrop.

Now completed, ‘A Place to Connect’ creates a visual connection between the main school area and the Chapel. It is a place for outdoor learning and reflection, a quiet place for students to gather, and finally it is a place for the schools extended community to utilise to watch sporting events on Main Oval for many years to come.

Viktor was able to work through design discussions with students, direct them on landscaping activities and demonstrate the creativity still possible when installing something as simple as a seating area.