How to be resilient
Aug 2019

The much anticipated visit to Middle School from The Resilience Project’s Martin Heppel lived up to our expectations. As a key theme in our TripleR program, Martin focused on how we can all build resilience in ourselves but most importantly in our young people .The message was  deceptively simple:  discover the benefits of Gratitude, Empathy/Kindness and Mindfulness.

The Resilience Project’s model is to deliver the same messages to teachers, parents and students so that we can each play our roles in developing a positive and focused attitude especially in the face of adversity.

Martin’s turbo charged deliveries left all audiences challenged but also up lifted.

Some feedback from parents:

The message was great and the delivery definitely struck a chord with a lot of people there.

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for a fantastic and inspirational evening with the The Resilience Project last night. Martin was funny, enthusiastic and most of all so passionate in regards to his presentation. So many home truths, we all love our children, but sometimes we forget, with our busy lives, the really important stuff.


Joan Gill

Director Student Wellbeing