Growth Coaching International: Advanced Masterclass
Furthering the capacity of our leaders | May 2019

In partnership with Growth Coaching International, twelve Geelong College leaders, across all campuses and areas, participated in a two-day advanced skills masterclass in executive coaching. Its presenter from Growth Coaching International, Annette Gray, is an experienced coach and facilitator.

The program targeted our staff who had previously completed the Introduction to Leadership Coaching. Titled “Solutions Focused Methods”, this recent workshop’s aim was to refine existing skills by integrating pragmatic and proven tools in coaching. The tools are now being used by major corporations, top business schools and many coaches and consultants as the methodology of choice where effective, respectful and lasting change is wanted. The workshop provided participants with a suite of tools to help empower others in finding steps towards a solution, rather than drowning in the problem. The two days were spent practicing new skills in a safe and collaborative setting. Every participant spoke about their own growth in learning and valued the new connections made with colleagues they might not usually work with in their roles. Offering the two-day program at the College made it accessible to staff and was an important step in further the capacity of our leaders.