Good Stories for Social Change
Dec 2017

Campbell House Librarian, Jo Panckridge and Prep teacher Anne-Louise O’Donoghue have been selected to have their research published as a chapter of a book that will be published by the National Institute of Education in Singapore next year.

Children’s Picture Books and Social Change (working title), will seek to explore and clarify the relationship between children’s picture books and social change, an arguable potent area for research and avenue for sustained discussion of the role of children’s literature in society. Jo and Anne-Louise have been working with Anne-Louise’s Prep class to research this topic for their Professional Learning Project this year, and presented an abstract for selection. From a cast of many experts in children’s literature from around the world, Jo and Anne-Louise were chosen to contribute.

We are thrilled to be included in this important conversation about the impact exposure to picture books and reading can have on developing an awareness of cultural diversity and social justice in young children” Jo said.

Read Jo and Anne-Louise's abstract here.