Establishing an Authentic Audience


Fiona Stafford, a Year 6 teacher at The Geelong College has recently written another article for ACEL's e-Technology publication on Establishing an authentic audience to provide meaningful learning for students.

Fiona writes,

“Back when I was at school, I don’t remember doing anything authentic or meaningful with the work I produced in class. The awesome piece I wrote about the magical carwash in Year 3 got nothing more than a scratch and sniff sticker from the teacher and a round of applause from my classmates before being returned back to my locker to sit between my scrolled up hand-drawn family tree from last term’s art lesson and a rotting banana. In this day and age, the internet and a variety of emerging communication technologies now make it possible to offer students more authentic learning experiences and educators are now more than ever beginning to see the benefits of sharing student work beyond the walls of the classroom … they are finding ways to keep it real with meaningful opportunities for students.”

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