Aug 2019

On Friday 26th July, seven Year 5 students presented their learning at Digital Teaching and Learning Victoria’s annual Conference Digi Con. The students, Millie Agar, Tahli Cummins, Clementine Tyrrell, Isabel Gudykunst, Maggie Roydhouse, Julie Horn and Caitlyn Smedley shared their learning journeys for the projects they had created. All the projects involved various modes of technology combined with traditional art and crafts to create fully interactive displays. The students shared the design process from beginning drawings, to tests and further iterations through their design folio and online student blogs. The many teachers from throughout Australia we amazed and in awe of the complexity and detail at which the students articulated their learning, explaining the how, what and why of the learning. The experience to share and interact with educators has demonstrated the constructivist style of learning offered in the Year 5 program, while building on the self confidence and public speaking skills of the students. The presentations will be something all seven students will remember for years to come.