Creating Choice in Student Learning

Fiona Stafford, a Year 6 teacher at Geelong College in a recent article for ACEL's e-Technology publication writes,

"When I think about the changes in education, I think of the old proverb 'a child should be seen and not heard’. Traditionally, children were trained to be quiet, passive members of society. Their schooling consisted of rote learning, the 3Rs and predominantly being passive recipients of knowledge.

Life in schools has evolved and thankfully taken a significant shift away from this. In fact, nowadays it is quite the opposite. With a focus on student led inquiry and project based learning in our classrooms, students are not only active in their learning, but are also encouraged to have a voice and be heard. Gone are the days where the teacher mapped out the learning for students. Students in this day and age are faced with more and more opportunities to steer their own learning and choose what they want to learn, how they are going to learn it and how they are going to present it."

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