Youth Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health First Aid Course

Held over two days, this course taught participants how to provide culturally appropriate assistance to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander young person experiencing a mental health issue.  The foundational material provided an over view of  the physical, mental and cultural/spiritual aspects that contribute to social and emotional wellbeing. Subsequent material included a breakdown of some of the specific problems that Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander young people may face with tips on how to provide appropriate Mental Health First Aid. The final section provided information about specific mental health crises  and how to support young people who are experiencing them.

The course allowed us to understand the importance of culturally safe protocols, culturally appropriate communication, and most importantly how to Approach, Assess and Assist with a crisis. The opportunity to share and connect with colleagues at other schools certainly enriched our experience. I would highly recommend the course to colleagues who want to ensure that their support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Young people is authentic and well advised.

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