2021 Cognizance Research Project

For the third year, The Geelong College has partnered with Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) to see students learning about their own brain function, metacognition and the fascinating world of neuroscience. The Research Project is a collaboration between ISV and renowned educational neuroscientist and Harvard University graduate, Dr Jared Cooney Horvath (PhD, MEd). At the crossroads between the laboratory and the classroom, Jared spends much of his time working directly with schools and other organisations. Dr Cooney Horvath has a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Melbourne and a Masters in Mind, Brain and Education from Harvard University. He has worked as a teacher, curriculum developer, brain researcher, and is currently an educational researcher at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

Our Year 9 student cohort had the privilege of participating in a number of workshops with Dr Jared throughout Terms 2 and 3. Early-mid adolescence is a time of significant development in the human brain. Year 9 is an ideal time, then, for metacognition training. As students begin their journey in the Senior School, we believe that it is important to equip them with evidence-based skills to prepare them for their learning in the years ahead. Although we were not able to hold most of the events live this year, the online format enabled students to still hear from Dr Jared, ask him questions, and enjoy learning together in a virtual sense. The workshops consisted of five 90-minute lessons, facilitated by both Dr Jared and our small team of expert Senior School teachers. These lessons, called Hacking the Brain, enabled the students understand how their brain works and, more importantly, how to leverage this knowledge in their study and life. The lessons focused on four themes and a follow-up discussion;

Lesson One: Get you Mind Right (Stories and Errors)

Lesson Two: Master the Hardware (Neuroplasticity)

Lesson Three: Gaming the System (Memory)

Lesson Four: Owning your Learning (Metacognition)

Lesson Five: Follow-up Discussion Session

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