Dr Arne Rubinstein - CLRI - The Rites Of Passage Presentation

Dr Arne Rubinstein visited The Geelong College on Thursday 17 June. Throughout the day he met with students, staff, the College Council and parents to find out more about the activities at The Geelong College which build connectedness for our students in their journey from childhood to adulthood.

The evening presentation to parents was well attended. The enthusiastic audience enjoyed Arne’s presentation about rites of passage in our contemporary context and ways of us exploring avenues to develop meaningful experiences for our young people in their adolescent years. In particular, Arne spoke of the need for our young people to experience healthy challenges, constructed by adults who we know and trust, at school.

Arne’s visit has provoked discussion among students, staff and parents about the experience we provide through our co-curricular programs and formal school experience. We are seeking to ensure our young people are engaged in learning and connected to their school community. Arne encourage parents to include young people in their social gatherings and to construct them so they are a constant part of their parents’ world. Arne emphasises  how mentoring and connections with older people in a community are a key to this too.

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