2019 Victorian Early Years Awards
Nov 2019

In October this year the Junior School was awarded ‘The Emeritus Professor Collette Taylor Excellence in Educational Leadership’ Award, as part of the 2019 Victorian Early Years Awards. This award is presented to a school community that has led their educators and teachers to significantly improve the quality of their learning and teaching practices over the last 18 months and is facilitated by the Victorian Government and Department of Education and Training. Our application endeavoured to truly capture the essence of who we are and the journey we have been on as a school, over the past few years. This reflected the special sense of place and connectedness that our children feel to our community and celebrated the work we are doing right across Junior School from Early Learning 3, through to Year 3 students. Being the recipients of this award, demonstrated how as a collective ‘we’, have developed a culture of a collaborative team. It has been wonderful to observe the collaboration within teams and across teams, as well as the learning we have experienced together, as we have implemented a Reggio Emilia approach to learning through our environment, curriculum and pedagogy.


It was a truly humbling experience to be the successful recipients of this award, being in a room with so many likeminded colleagues, all committed to the highest quality education for children. We now look forward to continuing the next phase in our journey as we plan to move into our new flexible learning spaces, designed centrally around our vision of indoor and outdoor learning and our Reggio Emilia approach to education. Our central focus being the image of the learner, ’sometimes teacher, sometimes learner, but always playful and always learning’.

Sondra Wood

Head of Junior School